Hyperlink – how?

Can someone tell me how to insert a hyperlink (URL link)?

The Mac default Cmd + K seems to split the doc. I can’t seem to find a toolbar item…

Edit > Add Link… brings up the hyperlink dialogue. You can add a shortcut for it in the normal way in System Preferences.


Don’t know how I missed that, thank you.

Not having success with keyboard shortcuts though

OK, I have reassigned the ‘errant’ Ctl+K

For benefit of others, by System Prefs > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Scrivener (add Scrivener from apps lists if necessary) and the legend (careful with this) Edit->Add Link…

Legend must be exactly as the menu.

While we’re on links, has anyone found a way to insert jump links (or page anchors) within a document rather than to another document? Very handy for long reference notes. And online writing…

For output, you can use HTML to create anchors anywhere you want. See the link from this thread:


Although do consider splitting your source document into multiple documents, if you need the link to be internal in your final product. Scrivener Compile will take care of stitching up your source documents into a unified whole so that you get internal navigation within your output document. This way you don’t have to rely on “as-is” formatting during compile, as that can limit your ability to make other changes depending on which toolchain you use.