Hyperlinks Not Clickable When Compile for ODT

I’m compiling a document to be in Open Office Format or ODT.

But when I convert to ODT all of the hyperlinks are stripped and become unclickable.

Also when I try to set the Export Converter in the Options to ODT it does not keep that choice. It always defaults back to Doc - RTF-Based. I do have a trial version of MS Office installed on my computer that I never use and is not paid for. Maybe this has something to do with the problem.

Also when I compile I do NOT have “Remove all hyperlinks” checked off in the Transformations section. So that should not be the problem.

Thank you,


Have you tried just using standard RTF (Scrivener’s native format, so no conversion necessary) instead? The ODT converters are pretty basic, and generally unnecessary unless you have nothing to open RTF files with.