Hyperlinks To and from Notes in Kindle

Please can anyone tell me how to embed hyperlinks To and From a part of the document, in the compiled kindle output?
I want to make my Footnotes accessible via hotlinks, (and of couse they must be able to return to the place of origin, e.g. by a second hotlink). This would solve the problem of my footnotes being moved to the end, away from the text they are relevant to.

There currently isn’t a way of doing this, but automatic footnote cross-linking is something on the list already as a missing component of the feature. You shouldn’t have to mess with this level of plumbing on your own. As for now, you have to do this in post with an editor like Sigil.

Thanks AmberV, I hope it becomes part of Scrivener soon.

I downloaded Sigil and as I understand it, I cant import mobi or export mobi using Sigil.
So do you have a route to get from a completed Scrivener ebook, Add internal hotlinks somehow, and export in Kindle format? Perhaps I need to export in another format?

Does anyone know if it is possible on the Mac version?
I found a reference to a function: “Edit>Copy Special>Copy Documents as Scrivener Links:” on the mac Scrivener?
mythikimagination.blogspot.co.uk … indle.html
This would seeem to be what I need, as scrivener Links would be fine if they did not disappear on compile.

You want to use .epub if you are going to be post-processing the e-book in any way as it is a much more readily editable format. .epub files can be easily converted to .mobi files later on (in fact, that is what Scrivener does. It makes an ePub file and then uses KindleGen to turn it into a .mobi file). The easiest way to do this is to download the Kindle Previewer, which is a good tool to have around anyway as it lets you simulate Kindle devices on your computer. Opening an ePub file in Kindle Previewer will automatically convert it to .mobi for you.

And yes, the Mac version does handle automatically linked endnotes and arbitrary cross-references you make as well.

Thanks, most useful