Hyperlinks underline color "black"

In Scrivener, the hyperlink color is standard blue but the underline is black.
I want the underline of links to match the blue.
I can change the color of the link, but underline stays blue.
I can turn off the underline, but i would like a blue underline.
What is going on? I have literally looked for an answer this entire day–google, the entire manual (searching for key words), here. No answer to be found. Of course, that just means I could not find one.
I could begin a new project, but would need to transfer hundreds of pages, and I have tried that, a page at a time to try and figure out which page being transferred is the problem. I think it may have to do with underlined words in pages and somehow the black underlined words on the page are affecting the link (although the word/s i am linking to are not underlined.)
I’m pretty sure new projects do not have the black underline link problem. Until I drag in from my main/large project (even just a page or a few from hundreds.)
Also, I do not like thinking my Scrivener is somehow corrupted.
Help! Please!