Hyphen to spread the word at the end of the row

I have two queries to COMPILE:
1 - I wish that when compiled into PDF the last word of the line could be separated with a hyphen, when necessary.
2 - I would also like to select margins by: inner and outer instead of: the left and right. So could compile format bound book.
Can you help?

Yes this can not be done in the current version of Scrivener I suggest you include in future updates. Thank you.

Sorry for my poor english.

(SPANISH: Quiero poder configurar la compilación para que las palabras, en el final de una frase, se separen con guiones. También querría poder configurar los márgenes en interior y exterior, en vez de izquierda y derecha, para así poder compilarlo en formato libro para encuadernar. Si esto no es posible, me encantaría que lo tomaran como sugerencia para próximas actualizaciones. Gracias.)

Hi, and welcome! It’s not currently possible for Scrivener to automatically hyphenate words at the end of a line when compiling; this requires advanced page layout abilities that Scrivener just doesn’t have. The same goes for the mirrored margins–this is something we would like to add down the road, but it is not possible at the moment. You can however compile to RTF and open that in a word processor like Word or Open Office, then use the layout features there to clean up the hyphenation and margin styles (possibly also header and footer, depending on your needs), then save to PDF from there. If the ability to save to PDF isn’t built in, you can get it from various plug-ins or free Print to PDF software like CutePDF (which then makes this service available in any program).

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Thank you very much for your answer, and explain alternative solutions, I will’ll prove it! :smiley: