Hyphenation of Hyperlinks

I have one hyperlink in my manuscript that links to an external website. I simply typed the website name into the manuscript and Scrivener recognised it as a hyperlink: MyGreatBook.com. When I compile my book as an ePub, then view the ePub in a Kindle or iBooks reader, I see that the hyperlink gets hyphenated, as the full link does not fit on one line. It looks something like the attached image.

Within the Scrivener manuscript, or within the ePub compilation process, is there a way to prevent hyphenation of a hyperlink? Thx

I don’t believe Scrivener hyphenates links? Well, it didn’t for me when I just tried - it treated the thing as a single word and moved it to the start of a new line. What you are seeing may be an issue with epub and Kindle handling of links. Someone may have a better idea of how to handle that.

Thanks ScriverTid. You are correct that it is sometimes hard to know whether an “issue” stems from Scrivener or from the ebook reader.

You could probably get around this by inserting CSS directives into the book to suppress hyphenation within hyperlinks:

a { hyphens: none; }

Do note however that will impact all hyperlinked text, not just links that are printed as bare URLs like this, but “text like this as well”. So in some cases it may be better to insert the CSS as an inline style attribute for that specific element using your preferred ebook editor (and if you don’t have one, I suggest the free Calibre; an indispensable multitool for ebooks).