hyphens are a bother.

And brother I am not kidding. I have a new document that is hyphenating and I am uncertain how to turn it off. The Compile function has a flag for “no hyphenation” yet my output file is definitely hyphenated.

I do not use hyphens in my documents to span lines. If the word/phrase combination requires a hyphen that is what I use it for. But hyphenation merely for the sake of line wrapping breaks my concentration.

How do I disable hyphenation? I can only find the ‘compile’ solution. Even google search has failed me.


briarkitesme.com/2015/04/08/turn … ivenerapp/

Preferences > Editor > Hyphenation


I just checked the Editor preferences screen, it exactly matches yours. Use hyphenation is unchecked. Neither is it in the Compile options.

Now I am doubly confused.

The document was generated on my iPad in Pages*. Unfortunately I was unable to extract it easily. So I sent it to iTunes as a .docx file. That was what I imported into Scrivener. Could that be part of the problem?

I don’t have this issue in other documents. Although I will double check the others, and their individual settings.

  • the recent updates to Pages is whey I am using Scrivener in the first place. Just sayin.

Should have thought of this before (you might want to duplicate the file – right click the file icon in the Binder and choose Duplicate – to create a backup in case the changes don’t go as you want):

Documents > Convert > Convert Formatting To Default Text Style


Yahoo! Not only duplicated but de-hyphenated as well.

Thank you so much.

A pleasure. Hope it didn’t destroy any other formatting that you wanted to keep.

Happy writing

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