I <3 You.

I know many, many people have said how much they love Scrivener, but I wanted to add my bit. I’ve only been using the trial version and I’m already addicted. Completely. If Scrivener was a man, I would marry him.

Like a lot of people, I’ve used Windows/Microsoft Word since I had to write my first essay. I’m a senior in high school now and I’ve been writing fiction on Word for six years now. I switched to Mac (thank God) two years ago, and was a little nervous to try Scrivener because it was so different. But now that I have, I suddenly remember what it’s like to write for the love of writing. The distractions Word has and its utter lack of organization, flexibility, and speed (scrolling through a 300-page manuscript is, shall we say, hell) was a serious obstacle for me and put quite a stopper in my creative flow.

I adore Scrivener because it isn’t linear, it somehow matches my brain function (aka all over the place) and lets me put everything in order at the end. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I actually enjoy writing again :slight_smile: Plus my characters all have little homes of their own and no longer undergo random hair color changes throughout the story. They’ve stopped hating me and now actually cooperate sometimes.

I just finished NaNoWriMo and I fully plan on buying Scrivener with the completely amazing 50% off discount (again, thank you). Thanks for all your hard work and your incredible contribution to the world of writing. if I ever get published, you are so going on my “acknowledgments” page.


Many thanks for the kind words, and for your enthusiastic endorsement of Scrivener - much appreciated! Congratulations on getting your 50,000 words, too. It’s nice to know that Scrivener has helped in ensuring your characters no longer hate you - always a good thing. :slight_smile:

You say you’re a high school senior, which would make you still in your teens. Surely not? Anyone in their teens isn’t allowed to be so eloquent. (I could barely string a coherent sentence together until my twenties; many would say I am still trying…)

Thanks again and all the best,

Of course! Personally I can’t believe everyone who writes anything doesn’t use this.

Don’t worry, the eloquence comes and goes. speaks in LOLs

Best of luck with further developments :slight_smile:

Hey KB,

Should you warn madam stardust of the +3 group (oddly the +3 seems to actually have about 10 members these days)?

When the hell do I get to be in the +3 group? It’s noon, I’ve had a beer and I’m posting! What more do I need to do? (Don’t answer that.)

You were already a member. You and the dead horse you rode in on.

Stick! [size=125]Stick![/size] [size=150]Where’s my STICK?!?!?[/size]

[size=70]There is a story behind that. Really there is.[/size]

Excellent. I feel better.

Well, it’s been a while. However, since apparently I will now be frequenting the boards, I must ask: what is this +3 business? Or do I not want to know… :unamused:


I think you would be best served by searching for “scriverati” and reading the oldest thread (bottom of page 2). That will pretty much explain it all. I think. Or not. Seeing that I don’t have a head thinking can be difficult at best.

Ah…thank you, it makes more sense now :slight_smile:

If it makes, any, kind of sense to you, young lady, you should seek help immediately! :open_mouth:

I always suspected I needed help.

Well, looks like we may be in trouble. Not only is she chatting with the likes of us, but she is full on procrastinating. There must be some “writer intervention” program somewhere.

I’m not sure who the intervention would be aimed at…however, yes, I am procrastinating.

And at post 23 she is already outsmarting you guys (smarts don’t it?). So, might as well pack up your flea circus and the dog you rode in on.


p.s. They are not as bad as they would like to think they are. Welcome to the forums, africanstardust.

Mere d`Lucifer!! Monsieur de tosh et de bêtise! Tosh et de bêtise!
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Why, thank you for the warm cyber handshake :slight_smile: