I accidentally installed Scrivener onto Onedrive instead of my local drive?

I’m new to Scrivener. I wasn’t paying attention and I installed the software onto my Onedrive instead of my local drive by mistake. I tried to uninstall it, but now my computer keeps only installing it on Onedrive and does not let me pick where I want it to go anymore. It’s behaving in a way that makes me sure it’s not meant to be in OneDrive. I keep getting warnings that it’s sending files to the recycle bin as I write and I don’t know for sure what’s going on.

Is there anyway I can get the software onto my local drive?


Yeah, I would guess a cloud sync folder is typically not a really good place for installing software. I suppose in theory it would be all right, but given how many mainstream services have default settings to delete large older files, you could end up with missing libraries and components rather easily. It is local, by the way, but it’s an area of your local drive that is heavily moderated by the OneDrive service, and has everything put into it automatically uploaded.

It’s curious that the installer is not giving you a choice on where to install though. That sounds less like the installer, and more like you somehow ended up with the more streamlined updater? I would maybe try a fresh download of the .exe and replace whatever you have been using.

I think it may well select what you used last in the install checklist, but you definitely should be getting a text field you can edit directly, with a little button that loads a folder selection dialogue box. This would come right after the step where you accept the EULA.

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