I adore the corkboard and I wish...

that I can do more with it. I’d love to be able to re-size, and have the ability to customize what attributes I show on it (eg. Word count).

Anyway, this is a great program. It helps me organize my mind and it makes plotting less frustrating. These days I find it easier to write because I can wake up, glance at my corkboard, and break up the writing in more manageable bits since I am time poor with my little babies!

Thank you so much!

I just noticed I can right click on a card in the corkboard and see the word count, excellent!

Thank you for the kind words! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I see you’ve discovered the word count feature; you also have some other abilities for customizing the corkboard available from a button in the right of the editor footer, shown here:

This lets you change the size of the cards, choose how many columns you have (or whether you’d rather have it auto-fit the size of your editor) and so on. Under the Appearance tab of Edit>Options, you’ll also be able to change font and font size for the cards and some color options, with further options under the Corkboard tab. With View>Use Label Color In>Index Cards, you can additionally choose to color your cards on the corkboard according to the document’s label.

Corkboard allows you to see the document’s label and status, in addition to the title and synopsis; if you need to see other meta-data all at once, try using the outliner. Keyword display will be coming to the corkboard later on, but for the most part the outliner is a much better view for pulling together the meta-data, just by the nature of it being tabular and having a place to present that information–there’s really nowhere to fit it all on an index card. You can always keep the inspector open and view any single card’s data that way–I use that a lot myself when I still want to “feel” of moving cards around and just need to occasionally jot additional document notes for a given card. But especially as the outliner develops in future updates and allows sorting and additional options for viewing and organizing your documents, that’s the more powerful tool for dealing with meta-data.

MM, thanks for your prompt response, it was very helpful.

For whatever reasons, the lower tool bar at the editor footer was hidden in my window which is why I missed clicking on it earlier. Minimizing the Scrivener brought it back into display so I was able to make the changes. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’m really in love with my corkboard now…yes, I also use the outliner and inspector.

Oh yeah, I should’ve mentioned that. New projects have a tendency to start out too big for the screen, so the footer ends up hidden by the task bar. It’s on the fix list, but in the meantime you’ll need to either use the maximize button in the top right or drag the edge of the window to resize it so you can see everything. Sorry about that! Glad you’re loving the corkboard, though. :wink:

Congratulations on finishing your first act! I completely understand the perfectionist tendency. (Let me tell you, college and Nanowrimo did great things for me in that area. Amazing what no sleep and deadlines will do for you.) Great to hear that you’ve achieved your first milestone and that Scrivener helped you attain it. Thanks for posting!