I am a Writer

The day I felt I became a Writer was the day I sat down and came up with some song lyrics, and they were accepted by the band I was working with without question or revision. I had hit a home run.

Poetry is not my strong suite. I work on books, stories short or long. I had found the other “beat” finally, that had been so elusive. My Dad was a journalist, a writer of news, investigation and editorials. He taught me what he knew, but I needed my own brand, my own voice. I finally found my voice, and was accepted by the intended audience. What other success is there for a writer?

I am a Writer.

Congratulations on finding your own voice and passion :slight_smile:

A song is a poem set to music.

and may your footsteps always be dogged by success and satisfaction :wink:
Take care

I became a writer when I realized that I liked my writing and if I wanted to read more of it, I’d have to write it first.