I am creating new research paper and would like to create a link in Scrivener

I have looked up the historical meaning of words and plan on creating a link to the word. My paper will be on a USB drive for now. I want to add the definition to a bibliography stored on the same USB drive. I am having some difficulty with Scrivener. I have PTSD and a smiled stroke. Is there a video or link that shows how to use Scrivener for someone like me? Most of the videos are all talk and do not explain things well enough for me. I may end up making a video for myself. I am more of self taught.

Creating a link to external documentation (or pretty much whatever it is, in any shape or format it is) is as simple as dragging the file to the editor, the note panel, the comments or anywhere you may type text.

You may also import certain file types to the project. That is a bit more complex, and by your post, not what you seem to need anyways.

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On a whole other topic, there is no problem with having your project(s) on a thumbdrive, but an advice: make sure you familiarize yourself with the backup functions, as they (thumbdrives / USB keys) are not reliable in the long run.
→ Even more, backups are important no matter what. Whether your projects are stored locally or not. If you haven’t already, that is something everyone should get familiar with.


Another thing I would add, to the advice above, is that we also have an interactive tutorial that is in the software itself. If you find learning to be easier at your own pace, and with a different format, that might be a better option for you, and you will find it in the Help menu.

In the tutorial project, search for “Document Links” in the main Quick Search tool at the top of the window. I’d also check out the section called “Bookmarks”, which can be very handy for adding external resources to individual binder items.

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Thank You Vincent_Vincent and AmberV

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