I am in need of a video fix!

I’m trying to contain myself from withdrawals.

I’m in need of a longish–please let it be longish so I can watch it over and over!–video of possible usage scenarios for novelists (just ways gleaned from others in the forum?), and how the User Manual was set up and formulated within Scrivener–that would be awesome.
I was so intrigued to look at how others work–there are some real creative folks out there! I started to feel my setup was quite boring in comparison. :blush:

I know there’s not one “correct” way of setting up the writing environment, but watching how others do their magic opens up so many possibilities. After all, isn’t that what Art’s about? Influenced by others, then giving your own spin a whirl?


LOVE SCRIVENER, ALL AT L&L! If I journeyed to your part of the world (from the States), I’d treat you all to a Brown Ale. :smiley: Seriously folks: You’ve changed my life in how I do my everyday work. Thanks.

Hi shrumpkin,

I’m not sure you’ll get all you want. A "How the Manual was Written in Scrivener’ video is of course up to L&L to provide if they wish, but I’m less certain about “How Novelists Use Scrivener” – because everybody’s use is different, getting such a video together could be difficult at a practical level, some writers treat their tips and tricks as trade secrets (and why not?) etc. etc.

However… if I were you I’d start by scouring the screenshots thread,, and the tips and tricks and zen of Scrivener sub-forums. Several novelists have also blogged about their use of Scrivener; the one who comes to mind immediately is David Hewson.


Also, if you look at the facebook* or twitter** feeds for Scrivener, they regularly share links to people reviewing or blogging about our favorite writing application. There is even one person who is teaching Scrivener, if I recall correctly.

** twitter.com/#!/ScrivenerApp

Thanks so much, guys. Especially Robert for suggesting the facebook updates. That helps so much.

It’s not so much that I want to “rip off” someone else’s trade secrets, which I don’t really consider the manner in which they organize windows in a particular application as a “trade secret,” but that’s just my opinion. Guess I’m a bit more forgiving than others in this regard.

Looks from the facebook page that there are quite a few Scrivener enthusiasts willing to share.