I am new


So, this isn’t really what I write but… wanted to introduce myself: Hi :confused:
You can tell how good I am at this…


Hopefully I’ll find the bravery to post some segment of some story soon.

Subject you might actually reply to?

I’m a… distopian writer who loves sci fi but can’t write it, (too much Fi not enough Sci when it comes to me) but I think I’ve found my nitch in the above mentioned… any other distopians?

Bravery requires more caffeine so I’ll return… when I’ve had some

As my human, vic-k, has often been heard mumbling to himself, whenever he reads a post from those he regards as naive and unworldly innocents, tentatively testing the waters with a metaphorical big toe, “Here we go agen…another soddin’ lamb to the slaughter…should be a law against Scriv…” It grieves me terribly to add validation to the product of his alcohol addled brain, but it is true…and, alarmingly, the delivery of sacrificial lamb to the alter of Scrivener, seems to be happening at what appears to be an exponential rate. Will there be no end to it?

loistaa, welcome aboard Scrivener: Leaky old pirate ship/literary effluent transporter.

You claim to be a, dystopian…well…since dystopias are often characterised by:
a) dehumanisation; you will at times wonder, just who or what you are interacting with.
b) environmental disaster; the crew of Scrivener are, to a man, or woman, walking disasters, and the ship is a stinking mess.
c) totalitarian governance and ineffectual, feckless moderators. Governance, characterised by cataclysmic decline in decent societal standards and values. A nihilistic utopia in fact.

Welcome aboard, loistaa, you should feel right at home.
Take care

That will be a welcome balance. Over the years, I’ve drifted away from sci-fi because there was too much sci and not enough fi. Go for it.


Hey Ioistaa! Welcome to the forum, and thanks for saying “Hi”!

As for bravery… In my experience (and irrespective of what line of work you are in), the people who dare to ask for feedback are the ones that grow. And there are one or two regular critiquers in this forum with quite a lot of experience who give very helpful and constructive pointers.

Don’t worry, this is one of the friendlier forums on the web. Hopefully you’ll post a something after a cup or two of caffeine, as I’d like to read it!

Exactly the point I was making, Herr Schweinkotflügel. Dankeschön. :wink:

Thanks for the welcome!

and though I obviously can’t spell dystopian… I’ll be posting soon!