I bought an ipad mini and scrivener, Here are my thoughts 90% happy with my choice.

So far I like it, I was able to dive right in, after setting up sync and write. However, after making absolutely certain it synced, much like I do when I am switching between PCs, I find that the font that I like to use, Garamond became to MS Sans, one of the tackiest fonts out there. It was no problem to return to Garamond, I have a preset for importing things back in, so that’s not a big deal. I tried to import the same exact Garamond that I use into Scrivener via open with. Much to my surprise, all the quotes were gone. I reset scrivener and tried again to the same result. Should I try Adobe Garamond?

The touch interface is awesome! You really need to incorporate that in the windows version, I no longer have to worry about accidentally dragging and dropping the folders in the wrong spot. It’s all intentional touches and taps. I suggest a touchscreen toggle button that turns the whole program into something similar to the iOS version. I can’t count how many times I accidentally dropped something in the wrong place, intending to scroll around. This is why I chose to buy and try the iOS version of Scrivener.

I love the rotating feature. When I want the next one I can just rotate it and pick it then return to portrait mode to continue. I am currently working through the tutorial project, just as a refresher course and so I don’t miss anything.

I did have some trouble to where I had to reset my iPad, however. After importing the fonts, the dropbox refused to sync, leaving me without any projects. I reinstalled both dropbox, scrivener, reset both of them and even reset the data but in the end, I had to completely erase everything and try it again.

So, that’s my thoughts on Scrivener for iPad. In a nutshell, I adore it but the font support isn’t the greatest. I’ve tried three times to make it work and it failed every time. I’ll only be too happy to reapply my font when I switch back to windows. But I’m afraid to allow it to sync until I do further testing, perhaps with a dummy file. For all In know all my quotes and italics (which I use for thoughts and telepathy) will vanish on importing and I will be very annoyed.