I copy/pasted some text from an email into the Scrivener doc I have open. The formatting in that material seems to have infected the open Scrivner Doc and moved the left margin in by an inch or more. Even though the cursor appears at the left Margin (0 on the ruler), when I start typing, the character jump not only IN by an inch but UP to the previous (wrongly formatted) line as well. I have looked at all the Paragraph formatting commands and can find no setting to adjust.

Can you tell from this description what I have done here or how to fix it?



First, try selecting the text, click on the style pop-up (which says “No Style” in the formatting bar if no style is used currently), and select “No Style” - this will reset text to default formatting.

If that doesn’t work, try turning on invisibles via View > Text Editing > Show Invisibles to see if you have pasted in an invisible table.

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OK, I turned on Invisibles… could see that there was indeed a table around the offending text… wasn’t sure what to do with it, but then found “Remove Table” in a menu and, presto, the table vanished (leaving all the text, hurray), and I"m back to my normal margins



So glad I stumbled onto this reply of yours. I was having an issue where I had some old imported documents that looked perfect with expected margins, but which did not show the right-side margin indicator. When I compiled them, those scenes in Word had no right margin at all and words went right off the page.

However, highlighting the documents and select No Style (even though that was showing) has put the right indicator back in place (and I expect the outcome in Word will now be fine.).

However, is there a way to multi-select many scenes and default select the No Style, rather than havign to do it one scene at a time?

Update: well, the compile came out with better margins but it reverted those changed Scenes to a complete different font - even though I’d set them all to something else. Would definitely like the ability to set a style to an entire project whether it’s got new scenes or imported ones.