I can't expand the collection panel

When I have a list of collections that is longer than what appears in the Collections pane at the top of the binder, and I hover the cursor over the line between the bottom of the collections list and the binder, it turns into a double headed arrow indicating I can click and drag to expand or shrink the Collection pane. But it doesn’t allow me to expand all the way to see the full list, it seems to get stuck when there are still a few more collections lower down. I’m not sure if this is a bug or intentional but I’m wondering if there’s any way around it or plans to change it?

You won’t be able to make it so big that it completely hides the list of documents. That’s intentional. Note that the Navigate → Collections menu also shows the full list. Also, if you make the window taller, the Collections list can be longer: the minimum number of documents stays the same regardless of window size.

I don’t know how it is for Mac, but under the Windows version, it can only show just a few. (7)
I believe that this is a known issue.

A separate (floating) window, as for the keywords, would be useful.

By the way, if I’m not mistaken, a second editor (outliner) can also display the content of a collection. This way you don’t take away any space from the binder.

I don’t think the content of a collection is the issue here. But rather the number of collections to be simultaneously listed/visible.

Yes, when it comes to a list, a separate window like for the keywords would be helpful.

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The Windows limit is indeed pretty tough to work with if you have a lot of collections. I have found that at some point, in some projects, it feels more efficient to use Navigate ▸ Collections, along with the Documents ▸ Add to Collection submenus. That covers most of the things you would use the tab list for.