I can't install Windows Beta 0.2.5


I have XP Professional in my laptop. I used Beta 0.2.4 yesterday and it worked fine.

Today I downloaded Beta 0.2.5 and tried to install it.
When I doubleclick the installer, I get an empty window, that has a title Scrivener-025-Installer, but nothing else.

I downloaded the installer once again, but the size of the file is identical and I can’t install it either.

What is wrong and what can I do?

I had the same problem. The download shows 42.3 in Google Chrome but if you inspect the saved file you will find it’s less, in my case one was 4kb and the other 0kb. Another clue is that the download shows as a standard windows exe file rather than displaying the Scrivener icon. Together these give the clue that its a disc space problem. Clear enough disc disc space and it ought to download properly

I hope this helps

Thank you very much for telling that.

The size was 43,3 and the Scrivener icon was there, but it was a disc space problem as you told, though I had 13,5 GB free disc space.

When I read your answer, I remembered that my TEMP-variable pointed to a too small partition.
I had changed it earlier because of another program installation and I had forgot to change it back.

Now I could install the Scrivener, thank you very much.

Your welcome

Thanks for helping sort this out, Jeffrey! Glad you’ve both got Scrivener working now.