I cant update from Scriviner 2.8.1 to 3? I have to buy it again?

I bought Scriviner a year or so ago from the Mac App Store (Still have the receipt and software installed), but now when I go to the Mac App Store, it seems it wants me to buy it again? IS there any way to get a discount? Is it worth it for me to drop 45 bucks again on it, or should I stick with version 2?


I won’t tell you to post in the Mac forum :wink:.

2 to 3 (major version) is generally a paid upgrade, but at a discount from outright buy.

There may be a free upgrade period which might apply, so suggest you email the guys with purchase date and perhaps serial and see what they say.

You must have bought it more than a year ago as version 2 was removed from the app store when version 3 was released on the app store.
Discount? I doubt that. You can stick with version 2 until Apple releases a new version of Mac OS that doesn’t support 32 bit apps.

Are you trying to find Scrivener using the main store catalogue, instead of your personal Purchases area, where stuff you’ve already bought can be downloaded and installed years later?

Of course if you are searching the catalogue you will only find the newest version. If you want to update, send us an email to the update query address, with your original Apple proof of purchase PDF attached. We’ll get you an upgrade discount coupon that you can use to purchase from our store. Sorry, but the Mac App Store does not allow upgrade discounts (hence why they are asking you to buy it all over again for full price—we would absolutely make this easier for you if we could!).

In fact, if you bought it around a year ago, you may very well be eligible for a free upgrade. I don’t remember exactly when the window starts, but it was around Sep – Oct 2017.

Whatever the case don’t buy it for full price!