I change one Section type's header/footer then they all get the same header/footer setting in Compile

Using Windows 11, Scrivener 3.1.1 on an HP Laptop with 16gb ram. The scrivener project file in question was initially developed in Scriv ver1 and upgraded to Scriv3.
When I use File-Compile the resulting PDF has the same headers and footers for ALL Section Types. The format of headers and footers that I get, is whatever was set to last. It does not make any difference which section layout’s header/footer is changed. It is as if there is a block of code for headers and footers and they all share the same block, but the manual says I can have different formats of headers and footers for each Section type.
I think(hope) my FORMAT is just corrupted. I am inclined to delete it and rebuild all the Section Type-Section Layout mappings, unless someone knows a better way or can point out my mistake.
Thanks in advance.

Welcome to the forum, Patrick!

I recommend reviewing the settings within the Section Types that you’re using. Section 23.3.2 of the manual provides guidance on accessing the settings you’ll need to customize.

You’ll start by clicking on the “Assign Section Layouts” button. Then, you’ll select the first layout you want for your first section type. From there, please click on the “pencil icon” at the top-right corner of that layout.

Within that customization panel, you can select “Page Settings” from the left-hand list. Within that panel, you can set the header and footer that the first section type should use.

You’ll repeat that process for each section type. Chapter 24 in the Scrivener manual covers customizing the Compile tools in greater detail.

I also recommend reviewing the 4-part video series titled “Getting Your Work Out” on the Mac tutorial page. Whether you’re using a Mac or a Windows PC, the process is similar enough that seeing several aspects of the Compile process demonstrated may be helpful.

Um … I don’t think so. A test of that workflow seems to confirm what I already thought to be true: that changing anything in Page Settings, for any section type, changes it for all.

Mea culpa. I should have been clear and pointed out that those settings would allow the OP to set different header and footer options for the Front Matter and Back Matter, separate from the main text of his project.

See the first attachment. You can set different headers and footers for 5 categories of compiled pages, none of it depending on section types.

Front and back matter are selected in the Contents pane of Compile (2nd attachment).

First pages = Front Matter (why don’t they call it front matter?)
New pages = 1st page of a section
Main body = recto
Facing pages = verso
Back matter = back matter

TO: RuthS and drmajorbob
RuthS and drmajorbob, thank you both for your guidance. I read the manual (again) and did watch the excellent Mac videos about COMPILE. The translation of First Pages, New Pages, Main body, Facing pages to standard terminology brought it all together. I now understand that there is only one set of Page Settings for the entire manuscript and how to use them. I re-built all the formats and my last compile came out exactly as expected. A copy of my novel is now off to my beta readers.

I am still having trouble with the TOC, but that’s a different problem. I may do a separate post on that.

Patrick Kelly