I could not import images from MS Word document.

When I imported a documet from MS Word, pictures are not imported. Text are ok, but I can’t see the pictures. WhThere is a gap where the picture should be. It’s the same when I copy and paste from a Word document instead of importing it. Text is copied but images are not copied. In the tables in Word, text is copied, but the table lines (frames) are not copied. Is there a way to do this?

Is this not a problem? Or am I doing something wrong? I would be glad if anyone who knows, enlightens me

This could be a limitation of the converter being used for importing the file type (I’m assuming DOCX here). Two things to try for improving results:

  1. In File > Options under Sharing, select the Conversions tab and click Import Converters, then choose DOCX from the dropdown on the left if it is available and switch to a different conversion tool from the list on the left. If Word is installed, using the Microsoft Office converters may give you better results than the built-in Aspose ones.

  2. If DOCX isn’t listed in the steps above or you’re still not getting satisfactory results, try resaving the document in Word to the RTF format and importing that. Since Scrivener converts text documents to the RTF format on import, handling that first with Word may yield better results.

I’m not seeing the same problem with copy and paste for images or tables, but this can also be a matter of how the images are handled in Word. Try clicking one of the images in Word and then open the Picture Tools Format ribbon and make sure that under Wrap Text the image is set to be “In Line with Text”. If the images are anchored differently, this might also be affecting the import results.