I didn't get the latest version when I bought it - and says it's the latest version

Hi! I bought Scrivener in March 2021. The version is 1.9 (July 2020). I keep checking for the ‘latest version’ and it keeps telling me it’s up to date. But I’m trying to do the tutorials and looks like it’s up to version 3 something. Why am I not getting the updates and/or how can I get the latest version so I’m caught up?
Thanks, y’all! Happy Spring!

The good news is that you should be eligible for a free upgrade, so you might as well take it. There really is no bad news. :slight_smile: The reason why you aren’t getting a notice is that for others it may be a paid upgrade, and we didn’t want to lock people out of the version they bought after what seems to be a normal upgrade. So head over to the main download page and grab the latest version. Optionally uninstall what you have, install the new one, and once you are in you will see a place to insert your old serial number and get a new serial.

If you require more instruction, here is the guide for upgrading.

That is good news! Will the manuscripts I have in there be saved if I uninstall and install the new version? (That’s always so scary, isn’t it? lol)

Thank you so much, Amber!

Your projects are stored separately to the application and will not be impacted


Yeah, as noted, this isn’t iOS. You don’t get your data nuked by simply uninstalling a program. :slight_smile:

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Thank you both very much!