I don't expect an answer - but I sure hope I get one.

Scrivener: v1.9.12.0; Window 10 Pro 64Bit latest build

Forum: I have a very strange occurrence going on. About 2 months ago The first paragraph, and half of the first sentence of the second paragraph of Chapter 4, began appearing as highlighted in blue. (As if a selection had been performed by the mouse).

I have done everything under the sun to remove the highlighting. Even to the extent of eliminating the entire first half of chapter 4 period. Then restarted the PC. I repeated the scenario numerous times. Believe it or not the highlighting reappeared in the same location but now was highlighting the new text of the halfway location of chapter 4.

I am totally blown away by this oddity. It’s like a knife wielding Chuckie doll that won’t go away under any circumstance.

Any ideas??? :slight_smile: :confused:

Like I said . . . I don’t expect an answer - but I sure hope I get one.

Screenshot, please?


Here ya go. If more is needed I’m happy to comply.

Any clue as to what is going on?

Preserve formatting, maybe?


Have you tried creating a new, empty document in the binder, copying the text of chapter 4, and then using Paste and Match Style into the empty document? You could then swap the two files out and be able to move on.

Well, I’ll be ding dong. It worked. I must not have tried your idea, during all my trial and error, because now having tried your idea it led to the solve! An additional oddity - All I had to do was make the new empty binder doc > copy and paste the problem child chapter doc into new empty doc > went back to the old original doc > the highlighting was gone > restarted Scrivener a few times > eliminated the new binder doc > and all is doing well.

A kind thank you to rdale.

Don’t blame yourself… blame cosmic rays! wnycstudios.org/story/bit-flip

I’m glad it worked. Sometimes all the various codes in an RTF document can get wonky for various reasons, and stripping out everything but the basic text can help.