I don't get why my daily target isn't reseting

So I have a daily target number of words set, and before it was reseting my words every day. But now it is not, and I don’t understand why.

I know I’ve only written 102 words (so far) today, because all I’ve done today is open 1 project on my ipad, make a new doc in that project, and type in only that doc. I let it sync (dropbox), turned on my macbook, let that sync, and opened that Scriv project to find I’m at 1104/500 words for today. I just woke up. This is not a case of I wrote ~900 words & just don’t remember.

Before I was writing only on my mac, and it was reseting daily in all my projects. Now when I use my ipad, it’s like it just keeps the count going and going and going. I could understand if I had writen on my ipad for several days and then finally came back to my macbook today, but that isn’t it either. Last time it reached over 2,000 words when I was only writing like 300 or less per day, and I was regularly opening the project on my macbook to try to get it to reset.

So does using the ipad app just totally break the session target counter? I have my session target set to reset at 1am every day, and it isn’t reseting at all.

Project targets

Sessions target options

Even the writing history doesn’t should thousands of words today or any of the other days.

The software might be hitting a kind of “soft crash” every night. We’ve got numerous reports of this, but haven’t yet found a good reproduction case. It does appear to have something to do with opening and closing other projects during the day, and may have to do with OS-level maintenance being run at midnight which encounters fragments of these projects that the system never fully disposed of after they were closed.

It’s all speculation, as whatever is happenings seems to be well beneath Scrivener’s code, but one hypothetical symptom is that it disrupts open project’s statistic reset and gathering routines when it happens.

Sorry that’s not all very helpful in terms of avoiding it, but it’s what little we do know of the issue. Closing projects at the end of the day is probably the most effective workaround, though one person did note that turning off the automatic session reset entirely seems to make the problem go away. So that’s something to consider if closing down before midnight isn’t reasonable for how you work.

But my MacBooks is shutdown at night, therefore there can’t be any OS level anything going on.

Shut down, as in sleeping, or fully shut down so that in the morning you go through the whole boot-up sequence, Apple logo and all?

At what time does this generally happen?

Shut down as in really shut down. There is no consistent time. Some days I don’t even use the thing.

Interesting, that could be a new wrinkle then. I would for now advise turning on the Show internal error alerts setting, in the General: Warnings panel, and leaving that on for a while. You’ll be looking for a window that pops up at some point, probably around midnight or a bit after. That will indicate the kind of “soft crash” happening, that I was referring to above.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to leave Console running in the background as well, even though it’s a bit of a resource hog. If you run a search for “Scrivener”, that will at least cut down on a lot of traffic in the window.

I can’t leave something open on my mac if my mac is shut down? My macbook is always shut down around midnight. What time I boot it, what time I shut it down, and how many times I boot or shut it down are always variable. But I don’t have it on at midnight, I’m asleep then.

This makes no sense to me. If a computer is shut down, it can’t have a soft crash.

Well, since no one seems to know what’s happening here I started experimenting. I’m going to put the results of said experimenting here in case this thread comes up in someone’s form/google search.

So far it seems that the “At set time each day” option actually requires the mac be turned on in some fashion (rather awake or asleep) to actually work. Which makes no sense at all. If I tell it to reset at 1am and the computer is off at 1am, any computer can easily tell when booted at say 7am that it’s after 1am (and therefore time to do the reset it obviously missed while off).

But anyway, next I’m going to try the “On next day opened” option to see if that one doesn’t get tripped up by the mac simply being turned off.

Oh and at least so far, the iPad seems to have nothing to do with it. Outside of coincidence/convenience (I used the iPad because I had shut down the mac, and didn’t bother to boot the mac just to do a few minutes of writing).