I don't know what I've done

I’m not sure what I’ve done. While typing my manuscript, I have either clicked or hit something that completely changed my ability to type or edit my text. I now have to type words and hit enter before they will display. I am also unable to use the return or backspace key without hitting enter afterword. I have to place the cursor where I would like to type, then type the words and hit Enter before I can see them. Please help, this is rather annoying

Hi Ytinirt, and welcome to the forum.

Has the icon for this document changed to yellow? I ask because it sounds like you might have accidentally entered scriptwriting mode.

It has a keyboard shortcut of Cmd+8 (⌘+8), and I tend to toggle into that mode a lot when I’m on a roll. Doing so changes the document’s icon to yellow in the binder.

No, I saw suggestion when searching for this on other threads. It was the first thing I checked before typing my question.

What you’ve described (the words you type only appearing in the editor once you hit enter) is not a function of Scrivener.
I’d reboot my computer.

I will give that a try and let you know. I am at work now and will check when I am off at midnight.

I decided to run home on my dinner break and restart the MacBook. Not sure if it is related, but the Notes app had to be “Force quit” before the Restart could complete.
Seemed to fix the problem. I have no clue why it happened to begin with since I was simply typing away as when it happened.
Thank you for the help and have a Happy Easter

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