I feel like a "real" Scrivener user!

Hi. Well, book number 2 written completely in Scrivener has been uploaded to Amazon KDP and Draft2Digital for both epubs and paperback. I love Scrivener. I can’t write without it. OK, not really true, but writing without The Scriv would just be way too complicated and inconvenient. So this is also a gratitude post for me to gush that I love the software. I have never “loved” a piece of software before, but it has really helped me accomplish some dreams and think up a few more.

I am not wasting any time and now have begun my third. I have written (so far) only devotionals for Catholics (and other interested Christians) who are alcoholics. My books. (SIDE NOTE: I’ll be sober for 22 years this Wednesday, May 22. I did AA, found it OK but was more comfortable spiritually with what my Catholic faith had to say about fixing one’s life and just used AA to do some basic personality and behavioural reprogramming in those areas where booze was a crutch and solution.)

I’ve got a few more devotional booklets in “Favorite Projects” waiting to be completed.

Devotional writing for ex-drunks is just the thing I’m doing now; I also have numerous novels and short fiction in various states of incompletion. Magic realism, is, I guess the genre for some; old school space opera for others.

I just had to post this topic because with two Scrivener-written books under my belt and self-published I feel like a real Scrivener user!


Hey. :slight_smile:
Both on the books and on the sober years.


Congratulations Paul!