I have been here a while ago


I was here as a user with a different user account a few years ago when the first version for Windows was released. Before that I used the German software Papyrus Autor and wrote several novels with it. After switching to Scrivener, I wrote five novels with Scrivener. Then I went back to writing with Papyrus Autor for the next two years and now I’m finally back to Scrivener 3 on Win11 and writing a book series that will include three novels about a kind of super gangster like the old Fantomas, but much darker and more anarchic.
I started the big Scrivener project with the second book of that trilogy, when I found out that I will need the functions of Scrivener to have all relative information in “one” room.

I may ask some questions if other users are experienced in using Scrivener for a book series.

Happy to be back here :slight_smile:

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I wrote a 3 book trilogy in scrivener with a project for each book and a series bible and use scapple to check for consistency. I favor multiple projects as main work area has 3 monitor set up.


Thanks for your response. Actually, I am writing the second book of the trilogy and I have added the manuscript from the first novel into the same project, but on another top level folder. I did this mainly because I want to be able to reference from one book to the other. So often I do have two pages open side by side to avoid logical mistakes :slight_smile:

I also have Scapple, but my usage is very … how to say … random. I would like to use it more productive but I have not yet found a way to do so.

Have a nice day!

I do it in several ways. I use a character card and update with info as write and add events. I add B x, A y (of book x) and scene with name for events to keep track of details. (series is the cost of acquisition (COA)
I do this for locations and set up a save the cat template with the bullet points and chart for my pov’s to outline what happens to each at the points in the save the cat template. I will add an example. I hope it helps.

Here is small part of the Save the Cat Template with bullet points and space to add info for each main character.