I have my Backups hierarchy goofed up somehow - Need Help

I am using Scrivener: Version: - 06 Oct 2015

I somehow have “goofed up” my file structure procedure when making Zip Backups of the file that I am working on. When I perform “Back Up Now” I get the dialog box popup as shown in the “ScrivBU_1.png” attachment to this post. Note that the warning pops up and then it tries to create the backup. However, the backup freezes at 50% and stays there forever. I am trying to backup to a partition on a 1TB internal hard drive.

Next - look at my file tree structure in Windows Explorer as shown in the “ScrivBU_2.png” attachment. Note how there are two Zip files created on 02/03/2016 EVEN THOUGH THE BACKUP WAS FROZE AT 50% both times. Then to top it off note that I have a folder named CSAVED2016.scriv. I don’t know where that came from.

Could someone help me to get “ungoofed up”???



“Back Up Now” is just a manual way of triggering the automatic backup routine according to the settings in the Backup tab of Tools > Options. So, just to make sure this starting point is clear: all your projects are going to backup to the same location. Thus you’d want a general “Scrivener Backups” folder or such, not one dedicated to a specific project (unless you only ever worked on one project until completion, then switched your automatic backup location when beginning a new project–that seems like a lot of work for no benefit, though). I can’t tell from your screenshots and filenames whether that’s what you have or not.

Straightening things out depends a lot on where you’re actually trying to save–you have a rather lengthy filepath, but I’ve no idea whether that’s the intended structure of your I:/ drive. Is the path in the error message correct for where you’re trying to save the backup?

As for the “CSaved2016.scriv” project, assuming that isn’t your current active project (you can check the file path of your open project by enabling “Show full project path in title bar” from the General tab in Options), it could be a copy extracted from one of the zipped backups. I’d change its name–add something explanatory after the “2016”–and then open it in Scrivener to check the contents, then either delete it or file it appropriately in your (corrected!) backup structure so it doesn’t cause future confusion. (The renaming is also for that purpose, so it’s not confused with your current CSaved2016.scriv project, and any backups that it creates aren’t overwriting your current project’s backups.)

MM - Thank you for taking the time to reply. I understand everything that you pointed out and will proceed to run things down and make corrections. I will post results.