I have not been here for a while.

I kinda lost the inclination to come here to read and sometimes join in when Ioa changed the format, probably quite a while ago, I lose track. I was never a big contributor so nobody would have ever missed me.

After the change, it didn’t then and doesn’t now seem like a community any more, more a place to whinge about the software and showoff about one’s own software skills.

The latest usage dates on the ANFTL forum show there is not a lot of activity, That forum used to be massive along with the tech stuff for Scrivener, dealt with extremely efficiently by Ioa and Keith.

I used to come on here and laugh and learn stuff and follow links to everything under the sun. What has happened?

Probably me watching the world develop with an old and knarled shaky fist so just ignore me, as I am sure you will.

Is it really just me or has it changed?

Speaking for myself, I need to step up the time I spend on the forum as a whole as well as here in this subforum. I had assumed this was more of a “casual” subforum where one could just come and chat. My experimentation with Scrivener got sidetracked severely earlier this year by RL, and I’m only just now getting a handle on things. Among other things, I now have a non-fiction project I want to do in Scrivener since there are so many tools that seem perfect for such an undertaking. Now all I need to do is find the time…

I noticed your absence. Have read the forums for years. Things have changed. Others have gone or now make infrequent contributions: ptram, Wock, Nom, Briar Kit, etc, etc, etc.

Slàinte mhòr.

wock, hasn’t visited the forums for over four years. I’ve tried umpteen times to contact him, but to no avail.
Rose (Briar Kit), left these boards for pastures new, and was emphatic about severing all links with Scriv and its scurvy crew (can’t blame her really).
Nom and ptram’s careers absorb a lot more of there time, than a while ago, I shouldn’t wonder.
However, should you, in search of literary, intellectual, and/or philosophical stimulation and encouragement, visit Scriv’s fora, there is a cornucopia of just that, out there, or should I say in there. i.e.,

Welcome home, FOXTROT
Take care
Happy New Year,

And some remain steadfast in the face of this maelstrom of adversity and change. A Happy New Year to you too Vic. :smiley:

Long ago this was a small community, where everyone knew everyone, and Scrivener was, for some of us, still in Beta. Now, in V3-land, things have expanded exponentially, and new people have different questions, different expectations, different interests altogether, some of them fairly unrealistic, some of them stridently expressed.

I read New Posts everyday, but find I have little to contribute, having no interest in or knowledge of programming, ePubbing, legal briefs, doctoral dissertations supported by citations and all the other uses that Scrivener, which began as a novelist’s Swiss-Army knife, has ultimately become.

But good on Keith for envisioning a writing environment welcoming and useful to all who scribble. I’ve used Scrivener every day for a dozen years now and earned my living with it, and I expect to be using it a dozen years more, provided I last that long. Sure, the board’s no longer a dingy back booth at a pub filled with rowdy writers–more like an overcrowded subway carriage caught between stations at times–but it’s still Scrivener. Though I sometimes wish the board wouldn’t allow posts unless the poster could prove he or she had gone through the entire in-built tutorial.

I simply love the posts starting with something like "I just bought Scrivener, have used it for a few hours and … [choose any alternative or combination]
a) have found a bug
b) have a suggestion for an improvement
c) find it very unintuitive
d) don’t understand how to use it
e) don’t understand why it doesn’t look like Word
f) … if you are in need of a fantastic service that will write your essay click here :smiley:

I haven’t been doing much writing or creative work. A stint at a content farm kept the wolf from the door, but burned me out. Getting back in the swing of things would do wonders, but the ennui of not producing is strong. A resolution, perhaps?

I do miss the regulars around here, that’s for certain.

Aint the same.

can’t remember when I wrote that. Seems plagiarized to be honest with you. I ran across it when going over my “random” scratches pile of scrap paper. Read it to the Mrs * and she said something that struck a nerve:

The nerve wasn’t struck because of what she said, but what I suddenly realized about myself… I “mourn” things that are past. All the time. There’s nothing wrong with doing that, but when it is such a part of me that folks see me as a curmudgeonly old man all the time, I wonder if I’ve passed from “mournful introspection” into “depressing downer”.

I’m saying this about myself, no one else. It’s not a resolution as such, but more a realization that i need to stop seeing uncomfortable change as “bad” and more as an invitation to grow into something else. Even if it means leaving a forum behind. Not this one mind you :slight_smile:

I do think that the growth of L&L has had a major impact on the forum. I do not think the impact was “positive” for those of us who found a social outlet here. But then L&L is a software company, not a pub or coffee/tea house. Luckily for me, vic-k is easily lured out from under his rock.

Time passes
Scrivener progresses
All users should do the #!*&#! tutorial!

I stepped down my posting here because…

  1. people were loudly claiming offence at posts (some mine, others not) and I can’t be bothered with that.
  2. I have pretty much stopped writing, so naturally feel less need to talk about writing with people.
  3. Scrivener already does everything I want it to and more, so my desire to invest in its continued improvement wained.
  4. I miss Fluff.

Still, some dude once said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I’m pretty sure he was talking about internet forums at the time, so (as this very post proves), if you post it, the community you remember will see it and respond (and new friends will too).

Whaddya mean it ain’t a pub or a coffee/tea house? It’s called Literature and Latte! If it was only a software company it’d be called BlountWriter Ltd.

Can you blame him for poor company name choice back when this was just an idea that was never going to amount to much?

Yes. Yes we can. KB should have anticipated monumental growth, picked a better name to convey image, set up a go fund me, determined an IPO timeline and… wait… that sounds like someone that isn’t really focused on a product and someone that wants to sell an idea to a big software house.

Maybe we should just accept that KB isn’t really a barista.

Companies may have all sorts strange names. I know a really big company named after a fruit, and another also really big company named after a form of safety glasses, and they even misspelled it.

good points Lunk… good points.

Scrivener. Literature & Latte.
Three words (4 with&), that says it all. Go figure!

Scheveningen, Illiterate & Lotto? :open_mouth:
Weird… :astonished:
What ’bout the Scalpel?

The scalpel is in your hand … do with it what you will.


It would be nice to drag KB, kicking and screaming, under the rock with us to get an actual opinion from the head turtle. Should we succeed in said dragging, the question I think we should ask…

I think that’s the question that would make a lot of folks, with complaints like mine, step nod with understanding.