I have returned

And I feel ridiculous because I didn’t post much when I was here. I disappeared due to very, very poor health, but I’m finally getting back on my feet.

Waves to Carradee

I did read here a lot and missed the banter. At the moment I’m working on a webfic serial while I decide what to do with the books I’ve already finished. Web links to follow when I get over my utter terror of other people actually reading my stuff.

All for now. I have a deadline and another 200 words to do.


Welcome back; to both the forum and health!

But what you did post was reasoned, informative, and constructive. Definitely a new crew member to be valued (highly). And! Most assuredly a nondementor :wink:

Ive often wondered if we frightened you off. About three weeks ago I was going along Princess street. As I drove under the Chinese Arch, I thought of you, and wondered if we were maybe within spitting distance of each other. Nice to see you are heading for a full recovery. Hopefully its not a recurring ailment. This post is a very pleasant surprise.

Why? :confused: The only thing that`s gonna keep Pumpkin Pip under control , is heavy sedation.

.Cant imagine you being terrified of us. Anyway thats a feeble excuse. Aint gonna work! youtube.com/watch?v=ahRrVlnqIFw

Take carennice to see you back,

All for now. I have a deadline and another 200 words to do.


@Amber - Thank you for the warm welcome!

@Vik - Thank you so much for the reassurance! I’m afraid I suffer from severe anxiety, which is at last getting proper treatment. It’s especially annoying because it focuses itself around writing, or at least sharing my writing with other people. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve appeared at literary festivals, preluded by panic attacks.

Anyway, if you are interested, my work is at: http://isabeljoelyblack.wordpress.com. I’m doing a serial of my fantasy world stuff on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and a Friday Flash short story. Please be gentle!

Joely x

Ysure its not you in the garage?
Anyway, Im feeling quite kinky about Gavins mum. My kinda woman.
No crits of the piece, only plaudits. A degree of subtle sophisticated humour, I can only stand in awe of.

Off to Amnar now. Or later, when I`ve had brecky and put the real world to rights. Back later.
Ciao Joley

Nah, that’s my malfunctioning comp. :stuck_out_tongue:

waves back to IJB

Glad to see you, and glad you’re doing better! I’ll probably be scarce until I can get a new comp or figure out how to fix my old laptop’s logic board, myself.


Dee - I saw you were sans Mac. It must be like being missing limbs very suddenly. Will look forward to having you back soon.

Yes, it probably was me in the garage all along. I wish I could find the set they gave me that turned into Amnar, but I’ve lost it…

Glad you enjoyed Gavin. I’m working on a kind of follow-up in the same vein, but not sure I’ll have it ready for next week’s publication yet.

Thanks for reading it all, though!

Joely xx


That just tells us you are actually reading or “listening” instead of constantly blabbering like a fool (such as myself or should I say +3).

Glad to hear your health is better! Good news is always good news.

Oh and I would watch that Vic-k guy. Anyone who hyphenates a screen name in an odd place is up to something hinky. Plus if V is throwing out compliments it means he is trying to bum money for more of his absinthe.

Saddle back up to the bar, watch the headless one narrate in codeze and keep your sea legs about ya as we sail this ship o fools throughout the corridors of our twisted imaginations avoiding such things as proper spelling, good grammar, and of course any nay sayer who shakes a fist at this pirate ship.

“The bartender asked the pirate, Why do you have a steering wheel as a belt buckle? YARRRGHH… It’s driving me nuts! replied the pirate.”

:confused: :question:

I’ve always read it is Vic-* hiccup!*-K, which in that case make the hyphenation a vital, red-nosed component.

I shuppose it would be unch-harithable to hexpect a chickhen from hicksville, to interherpret signs and symboluls, with the soome degree of perhspicaphacity you have at your dipsosal Ioa.

 $/ ="";
 $vicksGiberish = <STDIN>;
 $vicksGiberish =~ s/chickhen/pigeeon/;
 $vicksGiberish .="

 [size=60] That headless one really needs help![/size]";

 print $vicksGiberish;