I have scrivener for MacOS. I want it on my iPad also. Do I need to buy it again from the app store?

Hello all! I use scrivener fro MacOS on my laptop and desktop. I just got an iPad, and I’d like access there too. But since Scrivener for iOS must be purchased through the app store, I can’t see how to avoid repurchasing.

Must I repurchase in order to get access to Scrivener on my iPad?

If not, how do I download Scrivener for iOS using my existing license?

If so, do y’all have advice for syncing my work on my iPad with my work on my computer(s)?

Many thanks!

Scrivener on iOS is a different product sold by Apple in their App Store.

See the User Manual for best advise on setting up an using syncing. I use and recommend Dropbox.

To be clear: Scrivener for iOS is a Literature & Latte product, too, but is sold through the Apple store.

It is a separate purchase because it has a separate code base and so developing it and maintianinig it requires its own special work. So, the separate purchase supports that work.

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I should have said “Scrivener on iOS is a different product than Scrivener on macOS, both developed and owned by Literature & Latte.