I have to gush for a moment....

I just licensed my copy of Scrivener and wanted to tell you how very helpful it has already proven to be during the trial period. I am just beginning work on a dissertation, and the project has seemed prohibitively large and complex–I’ve been having a terribly difficult time getting my head around it. Scrivener has helped me to organize my thoughts, to break down a seemingly unmanageable project into manageable parts. In a meeting of fellow grad students, I asked to make an announcement and recommended Scrivener. I’ve also demonstrated it to a friend of mine, who is borrowing my older Mac (and buying her own license) so that she can use it for her dissertation, too.
I only wanted to let you know how much your program is helping me (and others like me) to accomplish work that was beginning to feel beyond my capabilities. I won’t say that it’s made the work easy, but it appears to be making it possible. So thank you for making it available, and at a cost that even a lowly grad student can afford!

I always appreciate gushing. :slight_smile: Thank you very much for your kind words. It’s great to hear that Scrivener is helping you with your dissertation - good luck with it!
All the best,

You put into words exactly how I’m feeling right now. I’ve written a couple of screenplays, and now I’m attempting my first novel. The project felt overwhelming! And I’m used to having software (Final Draft) to help me structure my work. The thought of sitting down and looking at a blank computer screen, and starting to write…I did some research online and even tried a demo for Dramatica (working on the premise that the most expensive software would surely be the best). But that program is unbelievably convoluted and not at all what I was looking for (could be great for people who want more instruction as they go along). What I was looking for, was a way to organize the enormous volume of research, words and ideas! I downloaded the 30 trial this morning and am, literally, overjoyed. What a phenomenally simple program that gives me everything I need. I LOVE the corkboard. I had actually gone out and physically bought a corkboard and started trying to arrange the story on it with actual index cards, and the whole process felt so clunky. Scrivener has it all there. I finally started work on my novel. Thanks.

Welcome aboard the Good Ship Scrivener.
Phenomenal simplicity however, flies out the window, when you encounter the other members of Scriveners motley crew of miscreants, deadbeats, ner do ells, no hopers, charlatans, and carpetbaggers. :open_mouth:

Good Luck with the novel :wink:

Take care

Thanks, Vic

Right now, I’m feeling inspired. This could actually happen…(I’ve been suffering from writer’s block for a while…) I can see the project coming together in manageable segments. Today I took my outline and broke it out into chapters (and index cards). It’s there, or at least the seeds are there. One step at a time. I can’t tell you how delighted I am that I found this software…

Looking forward to conversing with the motley crew

Take care


And here begins the demise of yet another intelligent person. This place will turn your intellect to jello and your jello to … politics? At least you could eat the jello.

You have been warned.


I guess I am not very original with my online identities. I need to write that down… don’t use name for user id.

Anyway, vic-k is one of the worst of the “miscreants, deadbeats, ner do ells, no hopers, charlatans, and carpetbaggers”. His warning would be an attempt at placating his conscience if he had one. I on the other hand am well know as the second to worst of the “miscreants, deadbeats, ner do ells, no hopers, charlatans, and carpetbaggers”. Having a conscience I will warn you of that in advance.

In all seriousness, or at least as much as you can believe I can be serious, let me second Mr. K’s welcome and wishes of luck with the novel. Just one question though, why are you here reading this instead of writing?

Woops! My bad. I feel like I’ve just dropped my literary pants.

Thanks for the welcome, Jaysen. And you’re right. I should be writing my novel instead of wasting time conversing with other dilly-dallyers, as my mother would say. But every now and again, we all need to pull our minds out of the netherworld of our creations, and tune into other ritas (long ‘i’) so we feel less alone and isolated. There are others like us out there!! If you can spare another moment from your scribbling, what are you working on, and how’s it coming along?

Work? Nothing of consequence. I am a hobbyist at best. My sole goal at this point is to get some ideas across to my kids. Sometimes it is easier to start a conversation by not talking, but reading. So far so good.

My story is really just about 2 people and the difficulties they have understanding themselves, each other and those around them. We first see them as teenagers (15 and 14) dealing with their first life altering decision. Next we meet them as young adults starting off life together. After that comes the kids, marriage threatening event, then old age. Throughout the various scenes we see how the past influences the present and sets the stage for the future.

I guess it is more of an attempt to explain the life of my wife and I to our kids in terms that are not so … hard. How many kids will listen to their parents tell them why decisions are made the way that they are? Mine wont listen all the time, but through the story they are starting to understand and ask questions that mom and I are not able to just spring on them.

Nothing of consequence, to anyone but me. But to me it seems to be the most important thing in the world.

Last line, absolutely lovely. If your writing is anything like that, I’m sure it’ll inspire your kids.


One of these days I will get up some guts and drop a paragraph or 30 on the forum. As it is I am too chicken.

Mr Jaysen,
Im sure Dr Mulality would consider it therapeutic for you to commit a paragraph or two for the delectation of the crew. The bar has been set low enough by Le D, in the Psycho thread, You couldnt possibly do worse than the wibbley, rambling rubbish he`s subjected us to. That saga nears its end(praise be).

The batton could be passed to you, if you so chose.
Take care

I had considered it. But then realized that it is a lose lose proposition. If it stinks I will be forever remembered as the only one who could make the D look good. Conversely if it doesn’t then I am saddled with a new level of self confidence which will be deflated the first time the daughditor picks up her red pen. I will then require significant visits from the Captain.

See the problem?


Instead of, 'pre’, whats wrong with the,[i] 'post', [/i]daughditers red-pen, Expurgated Edition.

I fail to see the problem. :blush: And it cant prove to be worse than the phoney French mans rubbish!
Anyway! If you don`t want us to read it, just use white as the font colour. Simple!! Sorted!!

So, we shall get Le D`s arse :blush: (pardon the rude word), kicked into gear, and get him to hurry up.

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