I just published my first book of poetry -- using Scrivener!

I published my first book of poetry, Intermodulations, using Scrivener.

Here’s my methodology. I had the poems in various rtf and doc files. I brought them into Scrivener, making each poem a document. I did some basic formatting and then compiled to an OpenOffice odt file. Then I imported the OpenOffice file into the free layout program Scribus, where I did the final formatting, and from that created the PDF for printing.

For the ebook version, I used Scrivener to compile to EPUB, then I opened the EPUB in the free ebook creation program Sigil to do the tweaking of the layout – poetry is tricky to format correctly for an ebook. Once the EPUB was done, I loaded it into Calibre and converted it to MOBI.

My wife and I recently started our own publishing company, Maat Publishing, so I published through that.

The print version is available on Amazon and at http://www.maatpublishing.net .
The ebook is avaiable on the Kindle store at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00S5DMDG8, and through Kobo.

Quite and adventure!

Steve Carter