I keep getting a pop-up "Session Targets timeout"

It’s been like this since the beta/RC. I use windows 10.

I don’t think it has had any effect on my actual work, but it is annoying and slightly concerning every time I see it.

Any idea what it might be, and how to get it to stop appearing?

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From a while ago, referencing another even earlier: [url]Session Targets timeout - Session Targets will be reset]

That’s a good quote, Jestar, thanks.

I had this happen again today, and looked into it a little farther, so we can understand why and when this will be a good thing to do.

  • I never have used targets, session or otherwise, so my slate should be clean, and I could do tests.
  • the project that alerted today after opening the night before, I’d created pretty recently, but on the Beta. And indeed the checkbox was checked, which I never would have done
  • so I tried a reasonably earlier project, from 2019. Here the checbox was not checked; fine.

My conclusion is that indeed the beta started ‘helpfully’ marking the checkbox whether on creating or opening a project, at some time during the Beta. And that this has been corrected by the time of our new 3.0 release.

I thought about whether we could ask the team to fix this, but I don’t see that they can — hard to tell the difference as to who set the checkbox, to set it back…

So we will just need to be aware, and clear the checkbox on older projects if they annoy by flashing the notifier, and feel in control that we can make it go away.

Some thought whether the notifier itself should have a permission to show – I suspect not, and that the real improvement could bet change its experience from an apparent alert you can’t read , to what is called a ‘toast’ these days.

That’s the small message that calmly floats in from an edge of an app window, much smaller and with a nice rounded edge appearance, and after giving you time to read it, floats slowly back into its edge, leaving you in turn calm because you know what’s been done for you.

It looka like Qt added toasts in 2018, so it should be pretty straightforward to do this, given a good place on Tiho’s list.

And have we thanked those guys enough, for this enormous effort they’ve brought us, in a released Scrivener 3.0, that gives such a lot by its parity with the Mac??


[sigh…duplicating reply as somehow I ended up replying to an old thing in closed Beta forum…:upside_down_smiley:

Hate when that happens. :blush:
Good thoughts for Tiho and company, perhaps they can fine-tune how things work easier now that we are in the full release mode and less pressure on them to “just get it out”. What a never-ending job that is.