I LIKE it ...

More than choc mint ice cream. And only SLIGHTLY less than raspberry jello (we all KNOW that nothing beats raspberry jello).

Congratulations guys, you’ve out done yourself with the new version. I was so impressed with it I decided not to upgrade my license. No … I bought a complete new one. I might have been a bit hasty with that as I now sit with another 1.x license (which I presume i can upgrade to v2 on the 1st of Nov).

Again, well done and congratulations.


And ha, yes, you’ve accidentally bought yourself another 1.x licence. :slight_smile: But no fear - just drop David a line on sales AT literatureandlatte DOT com and he can either give you a full refund so you can buy again on Monday, or a refund of $20 and give you a 100% discount coupon (as the update is $25). We messed up a bit by not being clearer via the app that you couldn’t buy 2.0 yet - we were relying on people reading what it said on the NaNo.html page, but I should know better. :slight_smile: But we will sort out everyone who has bought a second 1.0 licence accidentally.

Thanks again for your kind words! Glad you like 2.0.

All the best,

writer ≠ reader

Think about it.

Woah, easy there tiger!

Are you suggesting that someone, anyone, in userland or L&L has to add thinking to their repertoire? Is there space in anyone’s brain for actual thinking at the moment?

There’s far too much (bugfixing | documenting | learning | using | posting | flogging | testing | writing | coding | promoting | supporting | reading) to be distributed across the (user &| L&L) camp to fit any thinking in for the time being, surely … :wink:


Eddy, I think we will need to consider how to best prepare this nag, but

Now this essentially sets us up for the standard “It was on the 'net so it must be true” arguments.

I believe that this will require polished oak at a minimum. I would prefer a nice iron wood for longevity though. No extra weighting to avoid premature exhaustion.

Or untimely (and more than likely unprecedented) resurrection, come to that…

Sadly I shall be in pastures new until Monday, however I shall reach over the fence during my sojourn should the opportunity present itself.

I am resisting, thus far with 99% success, the temptation to include the perceived entropic factor resulting from the stereotypical, and in many cases undeserved, ‘group reputation’ of a certain recent influx of samples into the equation you present above, but in the interests of science I think we may have to add a second corpse to proceedings as it would be remiss to pass up such a rich vein of controversy.

Well, I did say 99% success. I trust the obfuscation is, in this case, appropriate :blush:

Gosh, I could have sworn I saw it move after that one.


Eddy, I bow in humble acknowledgment of your superiority in this round. Rest up as there will soon be other equine candidates coming this way.

Time for a round of the ol’ Rock-Paper-Thinker game.


Oh the SHAME!! The HORROR. The humiliation!!

In order not to tax anyone unduly as a result of my userish laxity, I have unleashed a wave of uncommonly severe punishment on myself.

The punishment regimen is as follow:

  1. Small(ish) paper cut to the left eye lid (once off)
  2. 90 lashes on the bare back with an al dente noodle (once a day for the duration of NaNoWriMo)
  3. 30 chants of “I am unworthy” in a kneeling position before my computer (every time I use Scrivener for the next 6 months)

If this regimen is considered inadequate by anybody reading this thread, please forward your suggestion to me and I will ensure that they are incorporated into my daily routine.

Yours in everlasting shame,

I believe that you can skip straight to step three as your remorse seems genuine and heart felt.

And welcome aboard. Watch out for vic-k. He is a bad influence.