I live to Scriv!

Hello. My first appearance as an official member of the forum after lurking for a bit in the liminal spaces (voyeur tsk tsk).

That aside, I thought a hearty thank you would be in order. I played around a bit with Scrivener on the chance it could be useful. After a few hours of playing and repeatedly jumping up and down with excitement at how perfectly it integrates with my workflow - I bought a license to possibly the single most important piece of software I’m ever going to own.

Once again, thank you for Scrivener, you may well have saved me an early trip to a padded cell.


Scrivener is a padded cell!!!

And shame be upon your head, tsk tsking your voyeuristic proclivities, for tis the noblest of perversions, is it not? Amongst The Good Ship Scriveners motley crew of scurvy curs and ner do ells, perversions abound, as you will discover, when making their acquaintance. They are writers after all.

Avoid at all costs, incurring the excoriating and eviscerative wrath of the skipper, Count Blount, and his 1st Mate, Princess AmberV , by asking daft questions. Unless of course, like me, you count masochism amongst your proclivities.

Bonne Chance mon ami,
Le Directeur

Hi Finnegan,

Thank you! Glad Scrivener fits your workflow so well. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

The way is outlined all in light. Thanks! I’ve made a good go with Scrivener this weekend and am sure I hit sartori not once, but several times.

The forum is just great! I’ve learnt a hang of a lot (colloquialism, sorry), from being a dedicated lurker/miner.

Its a pleasure collating my thousands of files of research and snippets of ideas all in one place.

oh rats… day jobs suck… let me get back to work. I can see an obtuse look on my boss’s face, must mean he needs something. sigh