I love it

:slight_smile: I recently purchased scrivener. At the moment I just love it. I think the layout of the screen is just brilliant. I’ll probably have questions in the future but just for the moment I’m having a great time with it. One question though, if anyone knows. Why is it an American spell checker? Wasn’t it created in the UK? (That’s two questions). Can I get Oxford English spell checker on it? I’m not very high-teck. I have always used Word before this.
Roi fee.

Hey there Roifee. Welcome to the fourm!

Yes you can get a UK English spell checker. I’m not sure what the source is (I’d be surprised if it’s the OED), but to switch…

Press F12 to open the Option dialogue
Click on the Corrections tab
You’ll see a couple of buttons there to either “Select…” another language from those pre-installed, or “Download” another

Hello pigfender,
Thank you for your welcome. And for your help. I look forward to getting my English dictionary going

roi fee.