I need a little tutorial [on importing grouped notes into Scrivener]

Hello, I read the documentation. Can someone teach me How can I make this arrangement in the scrivener with scapple?

Screenshot 2023-09-08 at 13.43.36

if possible with corkboard synopsis text option

You wouldn’t be able to do that precisely, because Scapple is not an outliner, meaning it can’t really nest one thing into another. The closest it has to that is Background Shapes, which have no name, so they will come into Scrivener with generically named folders. Thus you could have A–D in a “Group” type arrangement (rather than “Introduction”), but for E to be nested it would have to be in its own shape, it can’t be “under” D.

So here is what that would look like in Scapple (left) and after dragging and dropping the whole thing into Scrivener (right):

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Thank you Amber :slight_smile: . It is good enough

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