I need a real person to speak with! Is there a phone number for technical assistance?

please send me a phone number for technical support so I can speak with a human being. Thanks

The L&L team are, if memory serves, scattered all around the world, so as far as I know (as a multi-year customer) there is no option for phone assistance.

The Support page on their main website lists email as the primary technical support option:


Here is our explanation on why we can’t offer telephone support.

Where are you based, Linda? If we knew that, there may be someone with experience of Scrivener near you who could, even if not a member of the support staff, help you with your problem whatever it is.

I think also you’ve posted this in the Mac forum, even though you are apparently a Windows user.



Also, not to leave any stone unturned, the people on this forum are real!!!

I am sure that tech support can help you with whatever it is, but if there is anything that you need help with that you can bring to the forum, there are lots of terrific, good-hearted and experienced people here to lend you a hand.


Much to the disappointment of many…

Humor aside, there are many options to get help. Between the forum members (many of whom are tech wizards), to the support email, to commercial engagements with experts, there isn’t much that can’t be solved. If you can point us to the problem you are having I’m sure folks will jump right on it.

Honestly, I’ve found the email support to be more personal, helpful, and thorough than most telephone support places because telephone centers and customer support are staffed primarily by a bunch of folks who barely speak English and basically read their troubleshooting from a script. They can’t fix the problem without transferring to five different people if it’s not a problem I couldn’t just look up and fix on my own. Not so with Lit & Lat, the one time I’ve had to contact customer support it was a correspondence with a live person that knew the program inside out (this was when I was still on Windows) and they actually stuck with the problem until it was fixed. Anywho, getting off my soapbox now.