i need help!!! my short history is dead???

hi, i have a problem, the last night i wrote fortunately but i don’t read all the tutorial and i decide select all and clicking in insert and page break 'cause think that would separe it like diferent pages but erase my work and nothing happens with undo, i restart the program and the mac (i saved it before clicking) but when i open the file like the first time it’s the same, doesn’t appear, i’m desesperate 'cause i’ve the first in another program but not all what i wrote. thanks

                                                                      Darlon Shake's

sorry i forgot say: i have scrivener

Hi Darlon,

I’m afraid to say that you have lost that work. In any program, adding a page break while the text is selected will cause it to replace the text. It should have been undoable, though, using cmd-Z or Edit > Undo, provided the focus was in the main text area. Unfortunately, however, now that you have closed and reopened Scrivener, the undo stack has been lost so you can’t go back to a previous state.


well but before the incident i save it, what hapends here if don’t recognize i did when open the file?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking here, but…

Scrivener has an autosave function switched on by default, so even if you didn’t save after you made the change, Scrivener most likely will have done it for you. Because of this, the work is most likely lost.

If you had not closed Scrivener, you could have used undo to reverse it.