I passed!

Just a quick note to say that my thesis has been passed (subject to a few minor amendments). Once those amendments have been approved, I can submit the final version of my thesis and will finally have earned my Doctor of Psychology.

Many thanks to Keith for Scrivener. I’m sure I could have written a thesis without it, but equally sure it wouldn’t have been as good. On many occasions I even found myself enjoying writing! Thanks also to Keith and all the L&L crew for the generous support in using Scrivener.

Also many thanks to the various miscreants aboard these forums. You all provided friendship, advice and plenty of opportunity for distraction and procrastination when needed (and often when it wasn’t). Thanks for taking the sting out of some of the harder periods of writing.


Dr Nom. Kind of disturbing as a concept, but then so are most posts by vic=k. And Wock. And me. Now that you are a non-thesis-bound individual what are you going to do with yourself?

Dr Nom,
Numpty’s right there…does sound a bit dodgy, dunit?

Well, dodgy or not, [size=150]congratulations,[/size] Doc. :smiley:

Doc Nom, every congratulation on your success … may your future be much enhanced through your surviving this right of passage. :slight_smile:


Congratulations Doctor Nom! You deserve a bit of a party after that…

Congrats! So, after a hedonistic break from the toil, what’s your next .scriv going to be?

Thank you all. I just heard today that my amendments have been accepted so it is now down to paperwork, signatures and formalities. That’s right, “only” bureaucracy separates me from my doctorate… :unamused:

In terms of “what now”, I’m already working part-time in private practice and have applied for a grant to convert my thesis into articles for publication. If successful, the grant will pay me to write for a few months. If not, then I’ll probably stop sessional teaching at the end of semester and apply for regular work (you know, the type with holidays and sick leave and a steady income that covers the bills). My next Scrivener projects will be journal articles based on my thesis (the grant just determines how quickly they get written). Then, maybe, I’ll revisit the novel I started in 1995 and perhaps even return to my first love: short stories.

After all these years, Dr nom sounds beautiful to my ears… :wink:

Where do you think you will find one of those?

With no cynicism, sarcasm, or any other ism, you should be both proud of your accomplishment and thrilled that it is over. Even though it is only 8 AM here, I have appropriately altered my orange juice and will drink several glasses in celebration with you.

Back to my normal self.

Using your newly approved skills, you may seriously want to study Mrs nom. Is she fully aware of your destitution? When combined with your obvious … unique personality traits? … let’s go with that … she is either a glutton for punishment or an angel. Are you sure she is able to make rational decisions? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doc, This is fabulous news! I’ve only just seen the post, so sorry for being a little late to the party. Warm wishes and heartfelt congratulations!

Well done, nom! :smiley: Maybe you should start pestering for a new compile format preset to be added to Scrivener, to automate the production of journal articles without having to write another word or change anything in your core text. :smiley: Best of luck with the wider publication of your research. :smiley:

Um… carried by unicorns covered in cherry blossom? Although I suspect I will need a more reliable source for this to work. :confused:

Prouder and more thrilled than I know how to express. Thank you.


Oh yes! There’s many reasons I’m thrilled, not all of them have to do with 10 years of hard work and study.

Unique personality traits. I like that. you’re so kind… :smiley:

Don’t limit your options. She could be both. Oh…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Excellent idea! I’ll make sure Keith knows you suggested it… :wink:

Well done, nom. If your experience is anything like mine, this is one of those moments in your life when you can be truly relaxed and relatively content. By the way, what was your thesis about?

Irony would be “women who choose bad mates when better options are available”. Although I suspect Mr K and I would have featured prominently in that study.

Hi vic-k!

Today is possibly the first time in 10 years I’ve felt that way. Although the wheels of bureaucracy are still to finish turning, I now know that the work is all done. It’s just paperwork now, hopefully even that will all be delivered by 9:30 tomorrow morning - then I just wait for the letter from the university addressed to Dr nom.

How long ago did you finish yours?

I literally laughed out loud at that. :laughing:
Sadly that wasn’t it. Although irony may have featured in a different way. Thesis was on the psychological outcomes (or, more accurately, sequelae since I didn’t prove causation) of a week-long youth leadership program for 18-30 year olds.

Oh-ho! Now that you’ve almost got your letters, you’re getting all fancy, I see. Well, played Doctor Nom. Congratulations, on fanciness and passing alike!


A bloke in Stockport, has just got a 1yr suspended sentence and 100 hrs community service, for that!! :open_mouth: jeezz!!tch!tch!
[size=85]never know who the bloody ‘ell y’re rubbin’ shoulders with, aboard this old tub![/size]

I was worried for a minute you were going to say it was on crowd and individual responses to controlled emotional stimuli on internet fora.

To be honest, I just love the sound of that word: sequelae. Sequelae, sequelae, sequelae!
I think I just lost all my fancy points. :unamused:

Ta. Although, to my shame, I didn’t name you in my acknowledgements, I believe that Scrivener made a huge contribution to the success of my thesis. Let me publicly acknowledge you here.

Attempting to prove causation is a risky business - he’s lucky he only got a suspended sentence.

[size=50]Wish I’d thought of it.[/size]