i rarely, if ever, click the scroll bar

the next version sure does look sweet!

i’d like, if i may, offer one suggestion on the interface (if it’s not too hard to implement).

might be worth considering using small scroll bars for all of the windows as they do take up real-estate, or better yet, have an option to switch them off as you already have for the full screen mode. with two finger scrolling on the track pad and scroll wheels on most mice, the scroll bar seems somewhat passé.

just my two cents…

other than that, i see more and more people using scrivener here in LA.

good work Keith!

I click on them quite a lot, but turn on the system preference to make it so clicks will jump directly to a spot, rather than just substituting for pageup/down. I’d much rather jump 200 pages in one click than scroll (with a wheel or trackpad or whatever) for all of that.