I seem to have crashed it...

…which surprises me, since it’s been very stable for me throughout the beta.

I wasn’t doing anything fancy.

  • I was editing a document.
  • I Updated the label on the document (via the right-hand sidebar pulldown)
  • I updated the status on the document (also via the right-hand sidebar)
  • I opened the keywords (via the menu), and dragged one onto the document in the binder
  • I hit ctr-comma to see what my session word-count was.

The ctrl-comma caused the program to freeze. I’ve used the shortcut several times before without the program crashing, so I don’t know what went wrong this time.

(Fortunately, no work was lost. Yay!)

The above steps do NOT allow me to reproduce the error – I tried them again, and the command-comma worked as expected the second time. But I can’t think of any other factors that may have contributed to the crash.