I sold my book!

Hi, folks. In May 2018 I signed a contract (and received part of the advance) to publish my SF/Space Opera novel The Widening Gyre to Don D’Auria at Flame Tree Press, a new imprint debuting their first books in September 2019. My book is currently slated for March 2019.

Flame Tree will be publishing Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Crime & Mystery fiction. The early release slate’s ARCs have been garnering some good press.

I couldn’t have done this without Scrivener. Well, okay, maybe I could have, but it would have been so much harder! Thank you to the Scrivener team for making the program so easy to learn and work with. I’ll be using it as I continue to write, and singing its praises everywhere. Even some of my high school students have bought it since I showed it off last year during a lesson on writing tools.

Wow, congratulations! Best of luck with the release!

Have you seen the cover yet? Can you share an image here?

Congrats! Please give us “outsiders” some insight into the post release numbers. It would be interesting to see it without the filter of a sales pitch.

Wow - that is great news. Really happy for you.

I haven’t yet; I’ll keep updating as I get more info.

Wooow! Congrats! I wish you this news to be first in a row of great news and announcements of new books!

Wooow! Congrats! Really happy for you.

Congrats and best of luck

Oh man, I forgot to reply here!

Since last posting, I’ve sold the sequel. Now we’re releasing book 1 in a couple of weeks, and the sequel is scheduled for February 2020.

Those interested can find the covers at this link: https://mjohnstonbooks.com/books/


First, congratulations! That is amazing and I hope it does incredibly well. I’m also in the camp who would love the unfiltered updates about the publishing process.

On another note, I just popped into your website and read the story synopsis and wowza it sounds great. :slight_smile:

And very deftly done, if one is allowed to quote my favorite character Ilisidi (well, I do love C.J. Cherryh’s work)
But - 2020 for the 2nd volume? Thats harsh.

A year between books is normal. 2020 just seems a long way away because it’s been a visible milestone ( :smiley: ) of the future for so long.

I should point out - there’s a spelling mistake on the front cover. Hopefully picked up in proofs!

I am deeply embarassed to admit that no, it was not caught until after printing. Everyone involved is feeling quite stupid. Especially me, as I’ve looked at it dozens of times.

It’s faster than regular extinction: there’s no time for tea*

[size=50]*Although there is no excuse for bad puns in public, I hope this helps just a little bit[/size]