I want change page between cockboards after compile

I want change a page instead of a line between cockboards. What should I do in Scrivener?

I am having a hard time understanding the question here. Unclear what you are trying to do and what it has to do with the corkboard view. Can you say more?

When compiling, between cockboard is a just empty line but I want for next cockboard to become next page instead of next line.

[cockboard] - (an empty line in the same page) [cockboard] ----- (X) I don’t want that.
[cockboard] - (a new page) [cockboard] ---------------------------- (O) I want this.

Your compiled output shows you corkboards? Well, that is a new one on me, so you probably need someone else to come by here and help you.

But in the meantime here is my best shot at guessing what you are after:

You can adjust the Appearance setting of your file by editing (a copy of) the SCOMP file associated with that Appearance setting. In the Compile dislog box, tap on the Appearance item. The result is a list of Appearance setting choices (SCOMP files). Tap the Edit button. Select one of the Scrivener formats provided, but you must duplicate it in order to edit it. Choose the format you have been using, because it is mostly doing what you want. After duplicating and naming your custom Appearance format file, it will appear on the list with an (I) next to it. Tap that and you will see the SCOMP file contents. This is editable text and controls various aspects of the compiled appearance. There is a particular part of such a file that might be relevant to your case. It will look something like this

[code]Document Breaks:

  • Page Break Before Folders
  • Line Break Between Folders
  • Line Break After Folders[/code]

Vaguely sounds like you might be wanting to change the second Doc Break command listed there from Line Break to Page Break. (Do be careful when editing SCOMP files – typos and such will lead to unexpected compile behaviour.)


P.S. Are you just having fun writing ‘cockboard’ or is that a genuine typo?

I get out of the cockboard and compile and see the preview of PDF.

Is there any simple checkbox-checking stuff about not together two cockboards in one page after compile?
I’m not a programmer but a normal user.