I want fontsize 16 in Scrivener; is that possible?

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Is there perhaps also a possibility within Scrivener to set a font size of 16 pts. to be able to use.
Now it jumps from font size 14 pts to font size 18 pts.

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Does that not depend on your font, not Scrivener? Try another font and see.

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On macOS, CMD T (or Format → Font → Show Fonts) brings up the Font Panel. From there, users can type in any font increment they want to use, so long as the size itself is supported by the selected font. Does Windows do the same?


In windows cannot click on font to type a change in size to 16, BUT what I just did was go to word and highlight type and click in windows font size window change to 16 and copy and paste into scrivener and use style panel to create new style from selected text and can get font size 16 and if want can then make default font size for project or use that style when needed.

Thank you. It also works under Windows 10 with CTRL + T.


Good to hear. And thanks for sharing the keystroke on the forum for the benefit of others in the future. :grin:

Can you also adjust the font size between 14 and 18 points to 16 points in Scrivener?



Last column, you can make it the size you want.

Thank you!

I see the option in Scrivener mode, but not as an option when compiling. Am I doing something wrong? Or is it not possible to set the font size at compile time.

Excuse me. I just recently started Scrivener.

Thank you for your answer in advance!

Right click in the demo text.

For styles (I just realized that this is where you are in your screenshot) it doesn’t seem to work, but then just fix the style itself, I suppose.

I just ran a test : once you created the specific font size for a style in the editor, that font size is available in the font size’s dropdown list for that style in the style panel.


→ That new custom font size is even available for other styles as well.

So, basically, you’d only need to have a single style at 16pt that was imported to the Styles panel’s list, to have 16pt available as a font size for any style you want.

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Ah, that’s clear to me now. Thank you very much for the solution you provided!

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The font dialogue can also be opened via the Ctrl+T shortcut while in the compile window, so that’s the easiest option for setting a custom font for compile styles, since they may differ from what’s available in the project.

I just tried it, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to work (styles panel) - Windows version

I confirm that it works in the section layouts pane, but for styles, it seems that the way I proposed is the only way to get a custom font size to appear in the dropdown list. (so far)
You need at least one style (pre)formatted with the desired custom font size to be in the top section for the custom font size to be available.

In other words: the custom font size only shows up once introduced by a style that already uses it in the main editor. (Intended behavior ??)

Bother, you’re right. I had tried it before posting, but I was doing a handful of things at once and mistook which pane I was on when testing. That said, for formatting compile styles, I think it’s still probably easier to just open the fonts dialogue from the section layouts to add a new font size (and then reset the selected text back to whatever you really want) so that the custom size will then appear in the list when switching over to the styles pane. That can be done on the fly while editing a format in compile without needing to mess around in the current project ahead of time.

Yes and no, depending on what you mean. Custom font sizes will appear in the dropdown once they’ve been used in a project during the session, and if the font size is in use it will continue to appear after the project reopens. That’s just how the dropdown fonts widget works, if you will, and not a design on our part. It’s not associated with or limited to styles, nor is there any intention to limit or connect styles from a project to those in a compile format. On the contrary, the purpose of styles in a compile format is to allow the addition of and overriding of styles, so the compiled output may be completely different from the style’s appearance in the project.

That unfortunately doesn’t work either.

Nor does having the font size in use in the project.
The styles panel font size dropdown list seems to be independent from the main editor’s and the section layouts panel’s.

Right, well. I clearly need more coffee. Oi!