I want to ask where is that background color in theme (windows)

Hi like in subject…
This is how my SCR… looks. My fav word procesor is still wordstar4.0 from dos on win98se pc thats why i create something moust darker then night mode…

How is called that backgground option in theme zip.

And how to change that Grey color in options window.

Becouse i dont wont waste time and check all manualy. I wont change that comment and CF window background on the right.
Thanks Cheers from Poland.
This is all what i wont change now if i end theme and find something more i write here again…
Please help me just tell me what file and where is color option line. to edit this… Thanks.
PS. Can someone update Scrivener and add shortcut to OFF Autocorect And Spellcheck?
This is moust needed option here i rly hate autocorect i off it alweys i know i can do that in option but shortcut or shortcut icon will be nice thanks Devs.
Aplication window also have white title bar this is rly bad if night mode not change color can anyone add full screen to scrivener but in normal window not in focus mode

I can’t update Scrivener. But maybe the next best thing: I happen to have a special shortcut to toggle spell check, but it requires AutoHotKey. FWIW - if you’re that way inclined. :slight_smile:

{	SetKeyDelay, 20
	Send, !fi
	Send, {Left 7}
	Send, {Right 4}
	Send, {Tab 6} 
	Send, {Down}
	Send, {Tab}
	;Send, {Space} 

Ok i know now how to change colors comment and footer. Last color left i must to know that gray background in option menu last screen in first post…
Still i compere Scrivener 3 and my Wordstar 4.0 and dos looks alweys better for me look that black color even if Scrivener writing windows is full black not looks same as DOS…

Always in for a challenge…

How to change that background color? On the right what that window option called?

The window is a pane called Inspector. You can change its background color in File > Options > Appearance > Inspector & Notes > Colors tab > Comments & Footnotes Area background.

And that CF background also…

The Footnotes backgrounds itself you can change in File > Options > Appearance > Textual Marks > Colors tab > Inspector Footnotes Background.

The background of Comments is a different matter. You could right-click on one and pick a different color from the contextual menu, but these pastel colors are not likely to fit your black background. But you can choose more… from the bottom of the same Contextual Menu and pick a color that you like better.

And how to change that Grey color in options window.

That color needs to be changed in the .pal file. It’s called Mid(128,128,128) //MidGray: TabWidget Tab pane bg, Selected tab, …

Hope this helps

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You could install the FixedSys bitmap font it you like that better. :slight_smile:

Hi i look then this :slight_smile: terminal write apps best for me this is true ^^ Problem start when code page not work with my language becouse im from Poland and my diactrics fonts looks like this: ąęłśńżźćń… Then code page is Latin II not Ansi and problem start. When i export my file to modern format coz all that font will be unreadable if converter broke this, thats why i look Your sugest font Friend and i tell you more, looks better or not… Thank You anyway cheers from Poland!
PS. I test font and looks nice easy to read nice look good when export to epub3 without language font problem Thank You for tip. ^^