I want to Upgrade to Scrivener 3. But will I be able to open my Scrivener 2 file with Scrivener 3?

I definitely don’t want to lose my Scrivener 2 file if I upgrade to Scrivener 3. I have backed up my computer but I would rather not have to fall back to that option if I lose my file on upgrade.

I cannot find this question addressed anywhere.

( I am not an experienced user of Scrivener)

Thank you in advance!
(Im on version (26324) )

When you open a Scrivener 2 project, Scrivener 3 creates a backup copy (in the same folder as the original), and then converts the project to the new Scrivener 3 format. Your projects will be fine, and you’ll be greeted with a superb update.

I highly recommend this post, and the associated Scrivener project for getting to grips with what’s new in Scrivener 3. literatureandlatte.com/scri … date-guide

Pay special attention to how compiling works now. There’s a drastic but ultimately much better approach to the process.

Also: if you have to get something compiled out of Scrivener soon, and you won’t have time to re-learn how compile works, you may need to put off the upgrade until you’ll have time to sit down and learn. It’s well worth the effort.

Thank you very much. This is very helpful!