I went to use the program and it's completely wiped...

I went to use the program and it’s gone from my hard drive, I still have files I made on Scrivener but thhe progrma is gone. Please help, extremely frustrating.

Did you look in your Trash? Are you logged in as the same user? Are all your other programs still there?

If it’s really gone, you could just download a new copy and reinstall it. Might be a good idea to do a backup and check your hard disk’s integrity first, though. Data loss of that magnitude is almost always due to either user error or hardware failure.


Did you actually install Scrivener the first time, or did you just run it off the disk image that was created when you first downloaded the software?

I don’t mean this as an insulting question – my understanding is that a lot of new mac users run into this. When you first download Scrivener, it comes as a file called Scrivener.dmg. Double clicking on that file opens a disc image on your hard drive (the icon is white, and it looks kind of like a hard drive icon). Doing those two steps is not the same as installing it on your hard drive – when you restart your computer, or even when you just log out, the disc image is going to disappear on you.

Check the folder into which you downloaded Scrivener the first time – the .dmg file should still be there. Double click it, then drag the application inside that disc image into your Applications folder.

Again, if you’re not a new user, I didn’t mean for the above to be insulting AT ALL. If you are new to the mac, though, I bet that’s what happened.