I Will Pay Someone To Help Me Format My Book

I Have Already created all of the content for my book in scrivener. I just want help with compiling and ensuring my book gets the Table of Contents correct. Just format my book for ebook, paperback and hardcover
I need this late part done. I will pay for the help and to get the content formatted for both 6.9, and 8.5 x 11

I can be reached at [personal information removed]

Can someone help?

I will pay

You’re asking five books:
paperback 6x9"
Hardcover 6x9"
Paperback 8.5x11"
Hardcover 8.5x11"
and an e-book (ePub3, KF8 or both?)

To follow up on that, I gave some general advice on finding a designer that may help. As I noted there, in most cases you would not need to provide anything more complex than what you get out of stock Manuscript (Times) compile settings. I am sure most designers will be able to work with that.